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DON’T LIKE PAYING TAXES? Start a Home Based Business With Nerium

DON’T LIKE PAYING TAXES? Start a Home Based Business With Nerium

If You Don’t Have A Home-Based Business, Start One Today!

Home Based Business

We have two tax systems in this country. Often people think there is one for the rich and one for the poor. That’s a huge myth. Actually, one is for employees (who donate the greatest portion of their income to the IRS) and one for the self-employed (with rules designed to create economic growth). Back in 1913 when the income tax started, 96% of the people were entrepreneurs and had a home-based business. Most were farmers. Naturally the laws were written to favor business since they were most of the voters. It has never changed.

A Home Business Qualifies You for Thousands in Tax Breaks:

Even if your home business isn’t profitable, it can produce thousands in deductions.
You are only responsible to PROVE that you have a profit intent.

The US has TWO tax systems—you’re probably in the Wrong One:

How much tax are you really paying?
Pay taxes like businesses do!

Add Hundred of Dollars to Your Take-Home Pay Immediately:
It won’t take much effort to set up and it will put hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket every month.

Employ Your Family…Cancel Allowances:
Hire your kids and deduct up to $5000 each! Tax-free to them, and tax-deductible to you.
Your additional refund for Federal alone could exceed $1800!
No restrictions on how you spend the money after paying your children.
Hire your spouse and get medical deductions for yourself.

The Key to Your Largest Single Deduction May Be in Your Ignition:
Convert commuting miles into business miles.
Record keeping is easy!
Big vehicles offer even bigger write-offs.
Alternate two automobiles and write them both off!

Convert Non-Deductible Personal Expenses Into Tax-Deductible Business Expenses:
You can ethically and legally change existing personal expenses to business expenses.
Meals & Entertainment can be Deductible too!
Know the rules and learn how you can deduct entertainment and meals.
Golf and other activities can be a legitimate business expense!
Your Vacations can be Tax Deductible – Make them deductible business trips.

The only thing that stands between you and keeping more of the money you’re already making is a little bit of knowledge. Besides having the best Home-Based Business out there, one of many benefits of being a Nerium Brand Partner is that they provide us with Deductr™, a mobile or web based program that does automated expense tracking, automated mileage tracking, allows you see your tax savings immediately, AND with one click, generates a year-end tax report ready to hand to your tax preparer.

This is yet just another reason why partnering with Nerium International has become the smartest business move one can make.

To Your Success,
Larry Zimberg