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Nerium AD Skin Care featured on The Doctors | Emmy Award winning show

Nerium AD Skin Care featured on The Doctors | Emmy Award winning show

This groundbreaking show, which provides the latest in health and wellness information, is the latest mass media outlet to showcase the highly effective Nerium Age Defying Treatment.

Favorable Nerium AD skin care reviews are everywhere, as the company, and it’s breakthrough Nerium AD Anti-Aging Cream, has been featured in several publications and media outlets.

Also, Nerium has broken many of the major sales awards in the direct selling industry, due to the amazing response and re-order rate of customers. That’s what happens when a product is clinically proven to make a significant impact on the appearance of aging skin. Here’s the video:

Verified testimonial: “I have been using Nerium for over a year and absolutely LOVE the results. My face is no longer sagging, the wrinkles on my forehead are very minimal, my crows feet are gone and the texture of my skin is soft, smooth and glowing. People think I’m in my early 40s and tell me my skin glows! My friends all love it too.”

-Jana Farman.

Make sure and check out my Nerium product page here, or contact me using the contact me page.

To your health and success!

Larry Zimberg.

Another big move for Nerium International’s Global expansion

In yet another big, bold, and business savvy move, Nerium International has brought on top executive Jeff Dahl as its Co-CEO. Nerium InternationalAs the President of Amway Latin America, the largest direct selling company in the world, Dahl’s team covered 12 countries in Central and South America. Prior to Amway, Dahl had an extensive career across Asia and Europe with Coca-Cola and Lufthansa, two of the world’s most recognized brands.

Just another sign that Nerium is serious about its plans for Global expansion, building upon its record-breaking success, and furthering what has become the hottest ticket in direct sales and relationship marketing.

Read the entire Yahoo Finance article here



Defining your goals, writing them down and having them always present in your line of sight and your consciousness allows them to act as a magnet, pulling you closer to them. Comparatively, you leading by example, leading from the front and showing your team how it’s done by your own actions, draws your team towards production. Acting like that same magnet and in the same manner.

That’s why when it comes to leadership, the best place to start is with the bottom line, which is: you, doing what it is you’d want others to do. The speed of the leader will always determine the speed of the pack. But as a leader, what determines your speed? The answer is simple: What you know and what you do with what you know. To gain as much knowledge as you can, consistently set greater goals, and always raise your personal bar higher and higher. When you make that choice, you lead yourself. Leading others naturally flows out of that.

  • Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.

Leaders learn to discipline their disappointments. As with all things, it’s not what happens to us; what happens to us happens to all of us. It’s what we choose to do about what happens to us that makes the difference in how our lives turn out. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.

Leaders develop many qualities over time; to be strong but not rude, kind but not weak, bold but not a bully, thoughtful but not lazy, humorous but not foolish, humble but not timid, proud but never arrogant.

And where do you acquire these traits and abilities? It lies in your own growth. Work on you harder than you work on anything else, meaning your personal growth and your level of activity. There are a ton of books that will instruct you on becoming a leader and what a leader is. But nothing instructs like life and experience gained through doing!

That’s why I prefer to teach, rather than preach. Speeches are great, but they don’t motivate the un-motivatable. However where you can make an impact over those can be influenced is through your actions. Leadership organically comes from that.

The following phrase is one that should define your philosophy, your behavior, and your activity in this business: “If my team did what I did today, would I be making any money?” You’ll never build a successful business by spending your time in the rear view mirror, looking behind you constantly to see what’s going on, what others are doing or not doing, and slowing down to manage. This is not a business of management; it’s a business of leadership. Ours is a business of leading by example so others can see how it works and come to understand what they need to do, what it’s going to take, and what is expected of them in terms of activity, attitude, and ACTION! And they learn that from watching you! It doesn’t grow by you calling up your team everyday and asking what they’ve done, it grows by you leading the way and inspiring others to take action through your own actions! That’s why our feet face forward; it’s the direction we’re meant to go to get to where we need to be.

Always operate from the understanding that:

  • You are the model of what you are building. Be what it is you’d want your team to be, model the behavior & activity you’d want your team to model.
  • At every turn, in every situation, at every level, always stay unwaveringly faithful to the process of duplication. Duplication is what allows your efforts and the efforts of your team to multiply exponentially. Duplication, and reaching the level of success you desire in this business go hand in hand. They are inseparable.
  • Your organization, your business will be a mirror image of what you do and what you don’t do. (How do you get someone else to do it? You do it!)
  • Know that, as a leader, Communication is going to be your #1 tool and its imperative for you to plug your team in! Your #1 job as a leader is to get people plugged in so that you can have a fast growing, low maintenance team. Teach system dependence and become more of a mentor, and less of a facilitator. Never end up doing for your Brand Partners what they can easily do themselves. Instead, guide them through a process of system dependence that will serve them if they decide to stick around and build a team in this business. The idea is to LEAD, not manage.

Baby-sitting just creates a team of babies. They never grow into their greatness. They crawl through this business and eventually…out of it. You as a LEADER must become a great model, understanding that there is a HUGE difference between sponsoring someone, and spoon-feeding them. Create a GROWTH environment, not a Kindergarten.

Mentor those who DESERVE it, not those who merely DESIRE it. Your ultimate goal is to create a non-stop success machine and a business that will one day thrive without you being there. The only way you can do that is to replace yourself. We are all looking to replace ourselves. The fact is that you’re going to need 4 or 5 more of you. And I can’t stress this point enough…that’s going to come from producing, not managing. That’s why I’m always encouraging my team to stay in Phase One, because you’ll find them faster if you spend more time looking for them. Good people are found, not changed.

And when you find these people in your group, mentor them for greatness. Not by totally building it for them, but by totally supporting them in all phases of their business and most importantly, their growth. Choose people who have really stepped up to the plate and have proven that they’re SERIOUS about building their business.

You go to the people who are going to make it happen anyway without you being there and pour gas on them and always point to them because they’re the ones who are taking action, plugging in, and following the system and they are the ones who DESERVE your time. Time is too precious a commodity and one that we don’t get back. Whether it pertains to prospects or distributors on our team, no one has time to waste with people who waste our time, that way we can have more time to spend and more time to GIVE to the people who deserve our time.

That’s what a leader is and what a leader does. So become the example of what you want your team to be, and when you do that, you’ll turn around to find a whole lot of people following you. You’ve become worthy of being modeled, and when that happens…you’ll automatically be a leader in this business.


The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. – Benjamin Disraeli


Success Formula

It’s the Set of the Sail

Set of the Sail

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

—Theodore Roosevelt


The number one skill to have in our business is not selling skills; it’s people skills. The ability to get someone to trust you, like you, and want to do business with you is the key. Personal development is the one single component that will define your path to success more than any other.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”
—Henry Ford

Sometimes we become so fixed on the how-to’s that we fail to recognize that there is a far more telling and essential component needed in order to be successful. Any skill you may need can be acquired. It’s the attitude that precedes it that will determine how far you go.

“Failure is an inside job. So is success. If you want to achieve you have to win the war in your thinking first.”
—Brian Tracy

So many people brush off Personal Development, and as a result when they have disappointments about recruiting or sales, they quit. If they had worked to make themselves stronger and developed the right philosophy and attitude, these temporary minor setbacks would not have fazed them in the least. It’s much easier to keep moving forward when you have the right attitude.

“Ninety percent of those who fail are not actually defeated, they simply quit.”
—Paul J. Meyer

Just because you’ve failed doesn’t mean you’re a failure. The road to success is never a straight line. It’s a series of twists and turns, ups and downs, successes and failures. Whether the inevitable obstacles you’ll encounter become stumbling blocks or stepping-stones depends entirely on your philosophy. The shortest route to your success is found in overcoming any and every obstacle in your path.

“Nothing is stronger than habit.”

Successful people form habits that feed their success, instead of habits that feed their failure. That is why it’s every bit as important to consistently put good things in our head—just as we do our body—if we want to consistently experience good results. And like your physical transformation, it won’t happen all of a sudden; it takes a little time. But with a plan, a desire to grow, and a simple formula which I’ll outline below, the right habits and attitude can be developed and nourished, and that will lead you to the right results.

There is no single more powerful force than the potential of what is already inside you. The best way to strengthen, grow, and reach that potential is through personal development.

So here is an easy way, and a daily plan, for you to follow that will create lasting, real change and put you on track to realizing your true potential.

Read 10 pages a day of a good personal development book, and listen to 15 minutes of a good audio.

Reading 10 pages a day will give you a daily dose and a steady stream of power, truth, motivation, and courage that will allow you to take command of your life and summon the inner strength to take action—despite any fears—so you can create the life you desire.

Now let’s look down the road. Ten pages a day is 300 pages a month and 3,600 pages a year. That’s 15 to 20 powerful books you’ll have read over the next 12 months! That simple daily discipline, compounded over time, will result in huge positive rewards for you that go way beyond this business and will be a tremendous asset to you in building not just a successful business, but also a successful life.

Listen to 15 minutes a day of a good audio. Turn time spent in the car into Drive Time University. Don’t drive? Load a book on CD or motivational audio onto your iPod and build some mental muscle as you exercise. Either way, it’s an easy thing to do that will produce some positive growth and won’t interfere time-wise with what you’ve already got going on.

Personal development is about you becoming a better you so you can experience the kind of life that you always knew you were meant to live. And using this formula, you can easily fit a program of incorporating personal development into your life.

Can you do it? Yes. Will you do it? That, of course, is up to you. But IF you do it, you will enrich your life in ways that reach far beyond this business and uncover yet one more way to pass on a message to others that will certainly enhance their lives as well.

They say the winds of life blow on us all; it’s how you set your sail that makes the difference.

Does Nerium really work?

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. In the case of answering the question, “Does Nerium really work,” a picture speaks ten thousand words!

We have so much confidence in our product, we ask all of our customers to take a “before” picture so they can see the results for themselves. We built a huge gallery of these before and after pictures for the whole world to see. You won’t find another company that trusts its product so much that they ask every user to do that!

So…Does Nerium really work? See the Real Results for yourself…

Experience the amazing Nerium AD Age Defying treatment HERE!

Nerium | Reflect Your Youth with NeriumAD With New Video!

This is our new Nerium video, Reflect Your Youth With NeriumAD.

  •  The NeriumAD product line truly defies age when used consistently over time… So much so that real NeriumAD customers who have used our products long-term actually appear to look 10 years younger!
  • Nerium’s new “Reflect Your Youth” product campaign is based on this fact and has recently been integrated into all marketing pieces for the NeriumAD product line.
  • “Reflect Your Youth” perfectly describes what happens when you use NeriumAD products: you can either retain your youthful, healthy glow for life, or look ten years younger so your skin can match how young you feel on the inside!

We are extremely proud that our product line has proven to be this incredibly high-impact and life-changing. “Reflect Your Youth” is built around these incomparable long-term results.

To demonstrate our confidence in NeriumAD, we ask users to “Give us ONE year and NeriumAD will give you TEN back!”

All Wealth is Created Through Leverage

All Wealth is Created Through Leverage

Larry Zimberg Anti Aging NeriumAll wealth is created through leverage. And what is leverage? Well, the opposite of leverage is trading time for money.

Here’s my time, give me my money.

In other words, if you’re not there, you’re not earning income.

If you want a test to see if you have leverage in your life right now, answer this question… What would happen if you didn’t go to work for the next 90 days? Would you still get paid? Would your income decline? Would it disappear entirely? If it would, it’s because you don’t have enough leverage attached to your earning power.

Leverage is the business owner who builds a business but doesn’t have to do everything involved with it. They hire people to do the job and use that leverage to get their income, even though they’re not doing all the work.

Leverage is the person who works hard and saves their money and then puts that money to work through thoughtful investments. It may be income produced from real estate. It may be stocks. The key is the ability to earn even if you’re not running the companies you invest in.

Leverage is the person who invents something people need and receives a royalty when the invention is used or sold.

Take a look at ALL the wealthy people in the world and you’ll find that every one of them found a way to create leverage and none of them were in the habit of trading time for money!??

Bill Gates – Created wealth by coming up with computer software that allowed people to have a better experience with their computer.

Warren Buffett – Created wealth by choosing and investing in great companies for himself and on behalf of other investors.

Ray Croc – Created wealth not by creating a McDonalds, but by finding a way to duplicate them all over the world.

Pick ANY wealthy person and you’ll quickly see how they use leverage to acquire wealth.

This is where Network Marketing levels the playing field. For a one-time investment of just a few hundred dollars, you can build true LEVERAGE!

You can be the business owner, the employer vs. the employee, the investor, and the creator of a vehicle that will spin off income even when you’re not there. At some point we’d all like to stop working, we just don’t want the income to stop!

You see, the only difference between rich people and poor people is how they spend their time. If you’re like most people, you’re going to have to work anyway. Everyone invests their time in something. And if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

In life, your either leveraging or being leveraged, it’s one of the two! The good news is you get to choose. So live by choice, not by chance. Create the life and the freedom you desire and deserve, right here, right now, with Nerium International. Contact me TODAY and let’s get on the road to creating a better life for you and your family.

To Your Success,

Larry Zimberg

DON’T LIKE PAYING TAXES? Start a Home Based Business With Nerium

If You Don’t Have A Home-Based Business, Start One Today!

Home Based Business

We have two tax systems in this country. Often people think there is one for the rich and one for the poor. That’s a huge myth. Actually, one is for employees (who donate the greatest portion of their income to the IRS) and one for the self-employed (with rules designed to create economic growth). Back in 1913 when the income tax started, 96% of the people were entrepreneurs and had a home-based business. Most were farmers. Naturally the laws were written to favor business since they were most of the voters. It has never changed.

A Home Business Qualifies You for Thousands in Tax Breaks:

Even if your home business isn’t profitable, it can produce thousands in deductions.
You are only responsible to PROVE that you have a profit intent.

The US has TWO tax systems—you’re probably in the Wrong One:

How much tax are you really paying?
Pay taxes like businesses do!

Add Hundred of Dollars to Your Take-Home Pay Immediately:
It won’t take much effort to set up and it will put hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket every month.

Employ Your Family…Cancel Allowances:
Hire your kids and deduct up to $5000 each! Tax-free to them, and tax-deductible to you.
Your additional refund for Federal alone could exceed $1800!
No restrictions on how you spend the money after paying your children.
Hire your spouse and get medical deductions for yourself.

The Key to Your Largest Single Deduction May Be in Your Ignition:
Convert commuting miles into business miles.
Record keeping is easy!
Big vehicles offer even bigger write-offs.
Alternate two automobiles and write them both off!

Convert Non-Deductible Personal Expenses Into Tax-Deductible Business Expenses:
You can ethically and legally change existing personal expenses to business expenses.
Meals & Entertainment can be Deductible too!
Know the rules and learn how you can deduct entertainment and meals.
Golf and other activities can be a legitimate business expense!
Your Vacations can be Tax Deductible – Make them deductible business trips.

The only thing that stands between you and keeping more of the money you’re already making is a little bit of knowledge. Besides having the best Home-Based Business out there, one of many benefits of being a Nerium Brand Partner is that they provide us with Deductr™, a mobile or web based program that does automated expense tracking, automated mileage tracking, allows you see your tax savings immediately, AND with one click, generates a year-end tax report ready to hand to your tax preparer.

This is yet just another reason why partnering with Nerium International has become the smartest business move one can make.

To Your Success,
Larry Zimberg

Real Results with Nerium AD

The Big Picture

Nerium Event

Network marketing is an “event-driven business.” Regional events, such as Super Saturdays, and Conventions, are good for your business! The benefit of being at a live event where one experiences the passion, vision, excitement, inspiration, friendship, and training, is absolutely priceless!

If you focus on showing up at these events, and promote them to your team and prospects, you’ll succeed. Being in a very positive, productive, and motivating environment is something that everyone needs to be a part of, and if you plug in, and plug your people in, then you will definitely see your business grow!

Taking your prospects with you will enable them to see the big picture, where they will be much more likely to join your business. Taking your team with you will play a big role in solidifying their belief system, because the biggest sale is the one you make to yourself! The big event accomplishes these very important goals, and it is the perfect 3rd Party Tool because it is not you who ever has to sell anyone—the event will do it for you. That is, of course, providing you do the work of putting butts in seats. I was taught early on to make this a priority in my business. The objective was to get as many people as possible to experience the big picture, and that’s what I did. Then, when the event was over, I would immediately start promoting the next event.

If I could have a prospect or team member do any one thing, it would be to have them come to a regional event. Can you think of a more impressive and effective activity when it comes to locking in someone’s belief and commitment level? It’s the difference between listening to a CD or being at the concert! You do not have to be an expert to see explosive growth in your business, just get good at putting people in front of the experts.

It’s every bit as important for you to attend as well. Just as it is everywhere in life, you lead by example, and if you want your team to go, you’ve got to go. But even more importantly, we’ve all got to recharge! You will encounter many challenges on your way to success and you’ll need to tap in to the energy of the group as often as possible; people who are going where you want to go, and who have goals and hopes and are working towards their dreams as well. Imagine it, if you will, as if your battery will periodically run low and you will literally need to take the plug from within your body and plug it into the socket, which is the gathering.

I have always put the highest priority on messaging this to my Nerium Dream Team. We focus on beating the drum very loudly when it comes to attending these events and being in the room, making our success rate very high.

This is a simple business: Retail and recruit, plug into a duplicable system, promote the events, and teach others to do the same. When you’ve got everyone going in the same direction, you can then reach your destination, and hopefully that will be. . . the big event!

Stick and Stay and You’ll Get Your Pay with Nerium!

Stick and Stay, and You’ll Get Your Pay

Nerium Opportunity







–verb (used without object) to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, especially in spite of opposition.

It’s hard to win the race if you’re not in it.

What makes network marketing work is a dedication to keep working until you make it work. It’s committing to following the core principles of this business and doing them over and over and over again with consistency and persistency until the compound effect kicks in.

If you had a goal of one day being able to run a marathon, it wouldn’t happen by you stepping out your door and on your first day running 26 miles. It would happen by you starting with a mile or two, and, with a consistent steady effort over time, reaching your goal.

The same is true in business. As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And neither was any successful business. In fact, with most franchises, you’d work for years just to get to the point of breaking even. What’s required, at minimum, is a one-year plan and a commitment to following that plan, in order to succeed. It takes time, dedication, and work. So, have you set realistic goals and expectations for yourself to succeed in this business?

The reality is that it will take time to build a large organization. It takes time to build a business—any business. Network marketing is no different in this regard. It takes time to sort through the explorers, find good people, and teach them what they need to know.

However, if you are consistent with your efforts, work effectively by focusing on the fundamentals, and duplicate your efforts by teaching your team to do the same, you will see a consistent rate of growth. It won’t happen overnight, because that’s just not the way life works, but as long as you keep working at it, your income will eventually build to the level you desire.

The problem is most people don’t do this. Most people who get into an MLM give it a halfhearted try, then they give up the first time they get a “no” and complain that “it doesn’t work.” This is where the vast majority of “MLM failures” come from. But it does work. The plan works if you work the plan! And only the ones who are determined to stick it out, put in the effort, and actually DO what it takes to succeed will end up on top.

That’s how it happened for me. Starting out, I didn’t set the world on fire. Despite an already full work schedule, I just committed to doing the little things every day and was consistent with my efforts. As the months passed, leverage started working for me, and in 14 months my part-time income matched my full-time income and I had my FREEDOM!

That’s what I was after. I desperately wanted my freedom. It didn’t matter to me if others quit. It had nothing to do with my dreams and my goals. I wanted a better quality of life, to come and go as I please, eat lunch when I felt like it, and not have to ask three weeks in advance for a day off.

What do you want? What’s your WHY? And are you willing to devote some time and dedication to making it happen? Make sure it’s very clear to you. Having a big WHY will do more for your business than anything else. Your reasons to succeed have to be stronger than your reasons to quit. If they are, then just keep plugging away. You’re going to figure this thing out. There are many here who are successfully building a rock-solid income and enjoying the freedom that goes along with it. And you can do it, too!

Just remember that the only way you’ll build a team of dedicated, productive, and committed partners is to be one! Everything you want to happen starts with you! If you want your team to be doing two exposures a day, it starts with your two-a-day. If you want your team to commit to going to your convention, then you have to book your flight first! And if you want to have a team that follows the system and will be here a year from now, then you have to be here a year from now!

Your success depends on you. It’s your business, your dreams, and your future. So make a commitment for the next 12 months to show up, take action, and be consistent with everything you’ve learned along the way. Do the exposures and follow ups, attend the events, develop yourself through personal development, and you will find success. Make the commitment to be here a year from now, and know that if you stick and stay, you’ll get your pay!


The Nerium Experience!

NeriumAD is producing REAL RESULTS for people; both with its breakthrough anti-aging treatment, and with the REAL OPPORTUNITY it provides to those who want to make a positive change in their lives. Nerium is about looking better AND living better.

The anti-aging industry is an $80 billion-dollar industry, and is expected to grow to $114 billion in just the next 3 years alone! Nerium International is the fastest growing company in that industry. Becoming a Brand Partner with Nerium can put you on the fast track to freedom and in perfect position to take advantage of that growth.

The secret to Nerium’s success is not only in their breakthrough anti-aging formula, but also in the fact that the company provides the leadership, tools, and support that make it easy to succeed. Watch this short 9 minute video and take a first-hand look at the REAL opportunity you have to live the Nerium Experience.

Be an MLM Copy Cat! Duplication is the Key!

Be a Copycat . . .

Just Make Sure You’re Copying the Right Cat!

Don’t do what works; do what duplicates! When I first heard this from my Upline leaders, I really didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. I thought, “Well, aren’t they the same thing?” I was confused. Just what did they mean?

Well, I found out, and just in time, that you don’t have to learn this business on your own—the hard way, by trial and error. I didn’t have to try my own methods of presenting, recruiting, and training. By plugging into an already-existing, proven, duplicable system, I was able to speed through the learning curve and start making money right away! I also found out that if the system worked for me, then it would work for the people I introduced it to.

OK . . . Now I get it.

Success leaves clues. If you want to be successful, just find out what the successful people are doing, and do it! And here’s what they’re doing: they are system dependent and teaching their people to be system dependent. The network-marketing industry has been around for decades, so you don’t have to create anything new. There are principles and basics to this business that anyone can replicate. The successful people in our industry know this. They know that systems duplicate, people don’t. That’s why I was told “Don’t do what works; do what duplicates!”

Let’s say you’re a great salesperson. You have no fear when it comes to approaching others, and public speaking is a walk in the park for you. So much so that you get involved in this business, apply your expertise, and immediately start doing elaborate presentations that result in your making sales, recruiting new teammates , and thinking you’ve got it made. Well, what you did worked. But because what you did was completely dependent on YOU, you’ll win the battle, but you’ll lose the war. Since no one you’re talking to can instantly develop your skills and do what you do, your business can’t succeed or grow without your being there. And since it can’t grow beyond you, it will never move away from you, because what you’re doing won’t duplicate in depth or distance. So even though you gathered up a few people who may have gathered up a few more, it soon falls apart and doesn’t multiply into the masses because what you did won’t duplicate.

Use this as a guide: If a new person can’t immediately turn around and do with their new people what you did with them . . . DON’T DO IT! Don’t reinvent the wheel! Plug in to a proven, simple, duplicable system, and plug your people in. In other words: Learn it, do it, and then teach it to others. It’s the only way to get everyone to row in the same direction, which will result in you building a large organization. It’s the only way new recruits are going to see that this is something they can do and would be willing to do with their friends, family, and neighbors. In our business…DUPLICATION IS WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE!

There are many laws in society that we are required to follow; however, in network marketing, the most important laws to follow are The Laws of Duplication!

See How Nerium Helps “Tennis Player Beard” (deep lines in face)

appearance of wrinklesListen in as a REAL participant talks about her REAL results and what Nerium products have done for her life

Heidi is a tennis instructor and talks about the damage from being in the sun in California and the damage it caused on her face including deep wrinkles. Using Nerium she had market, real results that were noticeable not only to her but to other people around her as well! Watch the video to see how Heidi loses her “Tennis Player Beard” and the appearance of the lines in her face disappear!

Nerium products work and are proving to be very effective as a topical solution. No laser surgery needed for most.

Amateurs Sell, but Professionals Sort in Network Marketing Industry

When you truly understand and apply this concept, your life in Network Marketing will be much more enjoyable. Start here: we are not in the convincing business. We are in the “looking for the people who are looking for us” business. The key is to stay busy looking for people who are at the right time and place in their lives, and may be open to an opportunity. When you do that you’ll find that you won’t have to twist their arm to get into the business, they’ll be twisting yours.

I know the temptation is to keep after people until they “get it,” but all you’ll do is turn them off. Think about it…if you’ve suggested going to a restaurant where they serve spicy food because you love it, and your friend or relative doesn’t like spicy food, how many times would you keep suggesting it? Would your continuous claims about how great spicy food is get them to like it any better? Would you keep hounding them until they either give in or can’t take it anymore and have to walk away? Get my point?

Not everyone picked out the same clothes you decided to put on today, ordered the same lunch as you, or would’ve chosen the job you’ve had for a while.  The truth is that this business and/or your product isn’t going to be for everybody, and you need to be OK with that! But here’s the larger point; why talk to the same five people 20 times when you can talk to a 100 new people once?

Sorting begins with you doing an exposure using a 3rd Party Tool, such as sending a prospect to your Website or giving them a DVD to watch. These tools act as a screening device so you can find out who is, and who is not, interested. Make sure to follow up with them, then, just work with the willing.

I have been reinforcing these basic principles with my team on our weekly Nerium training calls from the start. It has helped them to understand the process as they continue to build their Nerium business. It’s one big reason why they are having so much success. Now, because their expectations are in line with the reality of how this works, they don’t freak out or bristle when challenges occur or they get a no. They just focus on continuing to fill the pipeline with prospects, and use the tools to sort. I would be happy to share with you how you too can reach your goals and succeed by mastering the fundamentals.

This business is not about losing friends and family. This is a business of sharing information with people about something we believe in, and then partnering up with those who want to row in the same direction. Sounds simple, right? It actually is, IF you have the right mindset, and the right mindset is . . . Sort, Don’t Sell!