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Stick and Stay and You’ll Get Your Pay with Nerium!

Stick and Stay and You’ll Get Your Pay with Nerium!

Stick and Stay, and You’ll Get Your Pay

Nerium Opportunity







–verb (used without object) to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, especially in spite of opposition.

It’s hard to win the race if you’re not in it.

What makes network marketing work is a dedication to keep working until you make it work. It’s committing to following the core principles of this business and doing them over and over and over again with consistency and persistency until the compound effect kicks in.

If you had a goal of one day being able to run a marathon, it wouldn’t happen by you stepping out your door and on your first day running 26 miles. It would happen by you starting with a mile or two, and, with a consistent steady effort over time, reaching your goal.

The same is true in business. As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And neither was any successful business. In fact, with most franchises, you’d work for years just to get to the point of breaking even. What’s required, at minimum, is a one-year plan and a commitment to following that plan, in order to succeed. It takes time, dedication, and work. So, have you set realistic goals and expectations for yourself to succeed in this business?

The reality is that it will take time to build a large organization. It takes time to build a business—any business. Network marketing is no different in this regard. It takes time to sort through the explorers, find good people, and teach them what they need to know.

However, if you are consistent with your efforts, work effectively by focusing on the fundamentals, and duplicate your efforts by teaching your team to do the same, you will see a consistent rate of growth. It won’t happen overnight, because that’s just not the way life works, but as long as you keep working at it, your income will eventually build to the level you desire.

The problem is most people don’t do this. Most people who get into an MLM give it a halfhearted try, then they give up the first time they get a “no” and complain that “it doesn’t work.” This is where the vast majority of “MLM failures” come from. But it does work. The plan works if you work the plan! And only the ones who are determined to stick it out, put in the effort, and actually DO what it takes to succeed will end up on top.

That’s how it happened for me. Starting out, I didn’t set the world on fire. Despite an already full work schedule, I just committed to doing the little things every day and was consistent with my efforts. As the months passed, leverage started working for me, and in 14 months my part-time income matched my full-time income and I had my FREEDOM!

That’s what I was after. I desperately wanted my freedom. It didn’t matter to me if others quit. It had nothing to do with my dreams and my goals. I wanted a better quality of life, to come and go as I please, eat lunch when I felt like it, and not have to ask three weeks in advance for a day off.

What do you want? What’s your WHY? And are you willing to devote some time and dedication to making it happen? Make sure it’s very clear to you. Having a big WHY will do more for your business than anything else. Your reasons to succeed have to be stronger than your reasons to quit. If they are, then just keep plugging away. You’re going to figure this thing out. There are many here who are successfully building a rock-solid income and enjoying the freedom that goes along with it. And you can do it, too!

Just remember that the only way you’ll build a team of dedicated, productive, and committed partners is to be one! Everything you want to happen starts with you! If you want your team to be doing two exposures a day, it starts with your two-a-day. If you want your team to commit to going to your convention, then you have to book your flight first! And if you want to have a team that follows the system and will be here a year from now, then you have to be here a year from now!

Your success depends on you. It’s your business, your dreams, and your future. So make a commitment for the next 12 months to show up, take action, and be consistent with everything you’ve learned along the way. Do the exposures and follow ups, attend the events, develop yourself through personal development, and you will find success. Make the commitment to be here a year from now, and know that if you stick and stay, you’ll get your pay!