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Be an MLM Copy Cat! Duplication is the Key!

Be an MLM Copy Cat! Duplication is the Key!

Be a Copycat . . .

Just Make Sure You’re Copying the Right Cat!

Don’t do what works; do what duplicates! When I first heard this from my Upline leaders, I really didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. I thought, “Well, aren’t they the same thing?” I was confused. Just what did they mean?

Well, I found out, and just in time, that you don’t have to learn this business on your own—the hard way, by trial and error. I didn’t have to try my own methods of presenting, recruiting, and training. By plugging into an already-existing, proven, duplicable system, I was able to speed through the learning curve and start making money right away! I also found out that if the system worked for me, then it would work for the people I introduced it to.

OK . . . Now I get it.

Success leaves clues. If you want to be successful, just find out what the successful people are doing, and do it! And here’s what they’re doing: they are system dependent and teaching their people to be system dependent. The network-marketing industry has been around for decades, so you don’t have to create anything new. There are principles and basics to this business that anyone can replicate. The successful people in our industry know this. They know that systems duplicate, people don’t. That’s why I was told “Don’t do what works; do what duplicates!”

Let’s say you’re a great salesperson. You have no fear when it comes to approaching others, and public speaking is a walk in the park for you. So much so that you get involved in this business, apply your expertise, and immediately start doing elaborate presentations that result in your making sales, recruiting new teammates , and thinking you’ve got it made. Well, what you did worked. But because what you did was completely dependent on YOU, you’ll win the battle, but you’ll lose the war. Since no one you’re talking to can instantly develop your skills and do what you do, your business can’t succeed or grow without your being there. And since it can’t grow beyond you, it will never move away from you, because what you’re doing won’t duplicate in depth or distance. So even though you gathered up a few people who may have gathered up a few more, it soon falls apart and doesn’t multiply into the masses because what you did won’t duplicate.

Use this as a guide: If a new person can’t immediately turn around and do with their new people what you did with them . . . DON’T DO IT! Don’t reinvent the wheel! Plug in to a proven, simple, duplicable system, and plug your people in. In other words: Learn it, do it, and then teach it to others. It’s the only way to get everyone to row in the same direction, which will result in you building a large organization. It’s the only way new recruits are going to see that this is something they can do and would be willing to do with their friends, family, and neighbors. In our business…DUPLICATION IS WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE!

There are many laws in society that we are required to follow; however, in network marketing, the most important laws to follow are The Laws of Duplication!