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Amateurs Sell, but Professionals Sort in Network Marketing Industry

Amateurs Sell, but Professionals Sort in Network Marketing Industry

When you truly understand and apply this concept, your life in Network Marketing will be much more enjoyable. Start here: we are not in the convincing business. We are in the “looking for the people who are looking for us” business. The key is to stay busy looking for people who are at the right time and place in their lives, and may be open to an opportunity. When you do that you’ll find that you won’t have to twist their arm to get into the business, they’ll be twisting yours.

I know the temptation is to keep after people until they “get it,” but all you’ll do is turn them off. Think about it…if you’ve suggested going to a restaurant where they serve spicy food because you love it, and your friend or relative doesn’t like spicy food, how many times would you keep suggesting it? Would your continuous claims about how great spicy food is get them to like it any better? Would you keep hounding them until they either give in or can’t take it anymore and have to walk away? Get my point?

Not everyone picked out the same clothes you decided to put on today, ordered the same lunch as you, or would’ve chosen the job you’ve had for a while.  The truth is that this business and/or your product isn’t going to be for everybody, and you need to be OK with that! But here’s the larger point; why talk to the same five people 20 times when you can talk to a 100 new people once?

Sorting begins with you doing an exposure using a 3rd Party Tool, such as sending a prospect to your Website or giving them a DVD to watch. These tools act as a screening device so you can find out who is, and who is not, interested. Make sure to follow up with them, then, just work with the willing.

I have been reinforcing these basic principles with my team on our weekly Nerium training calls from the start. It has helped them to understand the process as they continue to build their Nerium business. It’s one big reason why they are having so much success. Now, because their expectations are in line with the reality of how this works, they don’t freak out or bristle when challenges occur or they get a no. They just focus on continuing to fill the pipeline with prospects, and use the tools to sort. I would be happy to share with you how you too can reach your goals and succeed by mastering the fundamentals.

This business is not about losing friends and family. This is a business of sharing information with people about something we believe in, and then partnering up with those who want to row in the same direction. Sounds simple, right? It actually is, IF you have the right mindset, and the right mindset is . . . Sort, Don’t Sell!