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All Wealth is Created Through Leverage

All Wealth is Created Through Leverage

Larry Zimberg Anti Aging NeriumAll wealth is created through leverage. And what is leverage? Well, the opposite of leverage is trading time for money.

Here’s my time, give me my money.

In other words, if you’re not there, you’re not earning income.

If you want a test to see if you have leverage in your life right now, answer this question… What would happen if you didn’t go to work for the next 90 days? Would you still get paid? Would your income decline? Would it disappear entirely? If it would, it’s because you don’t have enough leverage attached to your earning power.

Leverage is the business owner who builds a business but doesn’t have to do everything involved with it. They hire people to do the job and use that leverage to get their income, even though they’re not doing all the work.

Leverage is the person who works hard and saves their money and then puts that money to work through thoughtful investments. It may be income produced from real estate. It may be stocks. The key is the ability to earn even if you’re not running the companies you invest in.

Leverage is the person who invents something people need and receives a royalty when the invention is used or sold.

Take a look at ALL the wealthy people in the world and you’ll find that every one of them found a way to create leverage and none of them were in the habit of trading time for money!??

Bill Gates – Created wealth by coming up with computer software that allowed people to have a better experience with their computer.

Warren Buffett – Created wealth by choosing and investing in great companies for himself and on behalf of other investors.

Ray Croc – Created wealth not by creating a McDonalds, but by finding a way to duplicate them all over the world.

Pick ANY wealthy person and you’ll quickly see how they use leverage to acquire wealth.

This is where Network Marketing levels the playing field. For a one-time investment of just a few hundred dollars, you can build true LEVERAGE!

You can be the business owner, the employer vs. the employee, the investor, and the creator of a vehicle that will spin off income even when you’re not there. At some point we’d all like to stop working, we just don’t want the income to stop!

You see, the only difference between rich people and poor people is how they spend their time. If you’re like most people, you’re going to have to work anyway. Everyone invests their time in something. And if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

In life, your either leveraging or being leveraged, it’s one of the two! The good news is you get to choose. So live by choice, not by chance. Create the life and the freedom you desire and deserve, right here, right now, with Nerium International. Contact me TODAY and let’s get on the road to creating a better life for you and your family.

To Your Success,

Larry Zimberg