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Larry Zimberg|Nerium AD National Marketing Director

Larry Zimberg – featured in ‘Success From Home’ Magazine

Nerium Larry Zimberg

Larry Zimberg loves music.  Playing the guitar fuels his soul, but learning to play still took time, hard work, and the discipline to master the fundamentals. His experience with Nerium has been much the same—but a whole lot faster.

“What we’ve accomplished in less than one year has been purely amazing.”  Larry says.  “It’s rare that you find the perfect storm of a legitimate, scientifically proven product that everyone wants, a top management team, and a compensation plan as good as Nerium’s.”  Combine those qualities with its commitment to personal development, and the results are extraordinary. “Success in our business comes from learning to master just a few things and doing them repeatedly,” Larry explains.


Success is a Ladder

Larry points out the difference between working for someone else and working for oneself.  “Like most people, you’re probably going to have to work the next few years anyway.  If you’re willing to work half as hard for yourself as you would for someone else and instead put that time into the right vehicle (which Nerium is), then you can have everything you want in just a few short years. Both require training and the need to show up to be able to earn.  The time investment is the same, but the reward is totally different.”

As an Independent Nerium Brand Partner,

Larry advocates The Slight Edge philosophy.  He and his team read 10 pages of a good book and listen to 15 minutes of motivational or training audio daily.  He notes that a great by-product of relationship marketing is learning basic, critical life skills such as communication, influence, persistence and leadership.  Those skills are improved when individuals commit to feeding their minds positive information, and they’re accelerated when that information is put into action.

“Success is a ladder, not a couch.  We all have to put ourselves out there and risk something in order to be successful,” Larry says.  “The wonderful thing about relationship marketing is that everyone around you is working to help you to reach the top instead of trying to keep you down.”

Larry is climbing fast.  In just a matter of months he’s already earned a new iPad, a Lexus RX350 car bonus, a $25,000 bonus, and reached one of the top positions as a 2-Star National Marketing Director.

“Nerium does that for anyone who is willing to show up and build their dream instead of someone else’s,” Larry says.  “You’re not going to get that for showing up at your corporate job.”

Nerium Top Leader Larry ZimbergA Life-Changing Business

Larry didn’t plan on going back out into the field.  After experiencing great success with another relationship marketing company, he had moved on to a top-level corporate position, consulting for the industry and its top leaders.

But when he learned about Nerium International—its product, leadership team, compensation plan, and focus on personal development—he knew he wanted to sign on as a Brand Partner.  “You don’t turn away from an opportunity to work with the best,” Larry says.  “The thing I love most about Nerium is that personal development is the first thing on the agenda.  This business is not about sales, nor will it ever be.  It is about desire and the will to achieve something more, something greater than the status quo. It is a journey, not of what you get along the way, but of who you become; reaching out in the service of others and helping the person next to you. And it is about heart.”

Larry is sold on relationship marketing as an industry, and on Nerium as a company, which offers an unparalleled opportunity. In his own life, the opportunity to start a relationship marketing business came when he needed it most, and the rewards have far exceeded anything he ever imagined.  “This business changed my life,” he says.  “It’s why I get so passionate about being involved with people who are striving and working toward a better life: a life of freedom, a life of abundance, a life where you get to make the choice of how, and when, and most importantly, why.”

Why Nerium - Top MLMFor Larry, freedom and abundance means he gets to play his guitar, exercise, spend time on the beach, and now has the means to help those he loves.  It’s an opportunity that hits all the right notes.

Larry Zimberg has been successful over the years because of his commitment to improving his leadership skills in the relationship marketing industry and his ability to pull the best out of people on his team.  If you are looking to join a quality company and are looking for the right network marketing leader, then contact Larry and spend a few moments with him and you will quickly see what has made him so successful in business and in the industry.